Vite-based development environment to facilitate running and building pulsor apps.

It mostly extends vite, then adds pulsor-specific features.

Huge praise to vite / esbuild for doing the heavy lifting.

For documentation on how to write pulsor apps, checkout the main repo!

Quick start

Install the CLI

npm i -g @pulsor/cli

Create a new app and run it:

# Create new app
echo "export default (
  <h1>Hi! 👋</h1>
);" > App.tsx;

# Run it in dev mode
pulsor App.tsx --open;

First line creates a file called "App.tsx" and fills it hello world content. Second line starts the dev server with the "App.tsx" file as the "Root vNode".

Build for prod:

pulsor build App.tsx

Preview prod build:

pulsor serve

Notes on usage:


pulsor <app definition entrypoint>
pulsor App.tsx

The entrypoint resolves like a node module, so you can also do:

// or
pulsor App

// or

pulsor some/path
// which is same as 
pulsor some/path/index

// or

// which is same as 
pulsor index

The entrypoint file should export the root vNode of your application.

Creating templates


Checkout the vite docs for all non pulsor specific information: https://vitejs.dev/